Stand in support

Anna McIntosh, Ottawa ON

Dear Honourable Chris Alexander, P.D., M.P.,

A friend has recently brought to my attention the situation facing Jozsef Pusuma, Timea Daroczi and daughter Viktoria (Lulu), a Hungarian Roma family whose claim to the Immigration and Refugee Board was denied in the context of professional misconduct by their lawyer, and who now live in sanctuary in a Toronto church.

The story of this family is heart-wrenching. After the hardships that they have faced in their Hungarian homeland, it is devastating to hear that the family still has no official status in Canada, and cannot leave the church for fear of deportation. It must be extremely difficult for the parents to see their daughter deprived of normal opportunities to study and play, and not know what the future will bring for her.

As Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, I urge you to grant Temporary Resident Permits to this family. A large number of Canadians are now aware of the injustices facing Jozsef Pusuma, Timea Daroczi and Lulu, and stand in support of them. We all hope to soon hear that they have been granted official status in Canada.

Kind regards,

Anna McIntosh