Lulu loves horses

Thoughts and Prayers for Lulu from Members of The Salvation Army 614, Regent Park, Toronto, ON


Dear Lulu my thoughts and prayers go out to your family that you can stay in canada and make a ton of friends


God Love you. Don’t Give up. With Love.


Dear Lulu, How is like in the chuch? I hope you and your family can have a really great life.


Dear Lulu and Family, Happy Birthday!!! I love you and hope you continue to be brave. I saw a picture of you in my church. May God guide and protect you. Love, Mary





Dance in the rain, go to school, swim in the lake and ride a horse

Lizzie Neale, England

Hello Lulu,

It is strange to think over the three years I have known you, my movements have been so free! I have been able to travel to different countries and feel the seasons change on my skin. In that time you have been so still and confined. But have grown so tall and become so wise for such a young lady.

No one or creature should be confined to one place. Where they can’t run with the wind, play in mud and with other people! Despite all this you and your family are courageous, beautiful people who have taught me so many important things about life! But enough is enough! Its time for you to play with friends your own age. Dance in the rain , go to school , swim in a lake and ride that horse you have always wanted !

It is not right what has happened to you.

I will forever be grateful to have met you and your family you have a special place in my heart.

All my love

Lizzie xxxxxxxx