Grandparents stand up for Lulu

Michele, Toronto

To the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

It is time to do the right thing for Lulu and her family. As a grandmother of eight bright  active grandchildren, ages 4 to 9, I know that it is not in anyone’s best interest, especially Lulu’s, to be in Sanctuary for 26 months and counting.  When I think of all the important life-giving opportunities Canadian children have, just by the luck of being born in Canada, I know that Lulu deserves these opportunities too.  Lulu should not have to pay for the racism and persecution extant against the Roma in Hungary and very directly against her family.  Nor should she suffer because of the errors and omissions made by the lawyer representing the family.  Lulu’s parents have done what every parent hopes they would have the courage to do in like circumstances; they have acted to protect their child.  It is time to grant this family a Temporary Resident Permit in order to address the wrongs done here.   Grandparents stand up for Lulu.