Canadian novelist

Joy Kogawa, Canadian novelist and poet

Joy Kogawa, Canadian novelist and poet:

Dear Lulu,

A long time ago, I was a six year old little girl like you and I was being sent away from the home I loved and my friends and school.  I didn’t know what was happening, but I learned when I grew older that some important people in Canada didn’t want us to be in Canada.

I love Canada. It’s a good country and full of good people. But sometimes even good people in good countries make bad mistakes. It was a mistake when I was a little girl, to send us away from the home we loved and to take away our freedom. We had done nothing wrong. Canada is making a bad mistake again so that you and your parents who have done nothing wrong, are not free.

I hope lots of children in Canada will hear your story and help you to be free. We can work hard and make your story have a happy ending like mine.

Your friend,

Joy Kogawa