Can’t wait to be your neighbour

Rochelle Roach, Calgary AB

Dear Lulu and family,

You are so brave to have left the home you knew to seek a new life in Canada. It saddens me that you haven’t been able to experience the life that you deserve here. Know that while you wait there are those who have never met you who love you. Who are rooting for you, and who can’t wait to be your neighbour.

Love Rochelle Roach

Let Lulu Loose!

Marie Conroy, Calgary

To the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

I have to add my name to the growing list of people who are trying to have this family released from its virtual prison inside a church caused, mainly, by poor legal representation.

Are we, as Canadians, just as ruthless as the people this family was trying to get away from?  I hope not!

Mr. Harper, et al, do the decent thing and let this family relax and try to enjoy all that our Country has to offer.  Give them an opportunity to find a home, a job, and build a new life for themselves as so many of us immigrants from all over have been allowed to do.

LET LULU LOOSE to run through the streets and laugh in the sunshine;  she has already had enough awful experiences in her life.  In short, be humane!