Cynthia Phillips, Brampton ON

Dear Lulu, Jozef, & Timea,

I am thinking of you, because I cannot imagine how anyone could endure what you are going through.  You deserve to have every freedom that all Canadians enjoy… from big things, such as the peace of knowing that your lives are protected by law, to the little things, such as the freedom to step outside on a warm summer night.

Right now, I am poised between horror and faith.  I am horrified that the people who lead my country would allow this to happen to an innocent family.  I have faith, however, that these same people will come to their senses, realize the gravity of their wrongdoing, and respond by bringing justice to your case.

As you wait, I know this is but a small comfort, but please know that we have not forgotten about you.


Cynthia Phillips

Brampton, Ontario