For Politicians

For politicians

If you are a politician who wishes to get involved with advocating on behalf of the Pusuma family, please email

Write a letter to Lulu and her family and allow us to publish it on our website. Click HERE to find out more

Spread the word through your social media pages!

Examples of useful tweets or Facebook status updates:

Please help spread word to #FreeLulu. Help the Pusuma family while they await for justice. #MyCanada #cdnimm

How long would you last living in a church? A little girl has endured 2 yrs waiting for justice. Help us to #FreeLulu.  #cdnimm

Help a little girl & her family live freely while waiting for justice. Help us #FreeLulu. #MyCanada #Fairness

Children should be able to play outside and go to school. Help make that happen for Lulu! #FreeLulu. #MyCanada #Fairness