For Individuals

For Individuals

*Send a letter to Lulu and her family and to influential politicians.
Find out how.

*One of the most effective forms of advocacy is to phone the office of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration.
Telephone: 613-995-8042
To ensure that you are well informed before your telephone conversation, please read the family’s story. Click HERE.

*Sign the petition to grant the Pusuma family a Temporary Residence Permit while they wait for justice from the Immigration and Refugee system.

*SPREAD THE WORD!  Encourage your friends, family and community to take action now!

*Circulate an email with a link to this website

*Tweet about the campaign or update your Facebook status using  #freelulu

**Please make sure to send your tweets to the Minister: @MinChrisA

Examples of tweets you can use:

Please help spread word to #FreeLulu. Help the Pusuma family while they wait for justice. #MyCanada #cdnimm

How long would you last living in a church? A little girl has endured 2 yrs waiting for justice. Help us to #FreeLulu.  #cdnimm

Help a little girl & her family live freely while waiting for justice. Help us #FreeLulu. #MyCanada #Fairness

Children should be able to play outside and go to school. Help make that happen for Lulu! #FreeLulu. #MyCanada #Fairness