From Children

Thoughts and Prayers for Lulu from Members of The Salvation Army 614, Regent Park, Toronto, ON


Dear Lulu my thoughts and prayers go out to your family that you can stay in canada and make a ton of friends


God Love you. Don’t Give up. With Love.


Dear Lulu, How is like in the chuch? I hope you and your family can have a really great life.


Dear Lulu and Family, Happy Birthday!!! I love you and hope you continue to be brave. I saw a picture of you in my church. May God guide and protect you. Love, Mary





Hide and Go Seek

From Aurora ( Vancouver, Canada)

Hi Lulu,

My name is Aurora, I am 2 and a half years old. I heard your story and I wanted to wright you a letter.

I am very sad to hear that you live in a church, I bet there are good hiding places there for hide and go seek though. I have never been in a church before, but I really like hide and go seek.

I was hoping to tell you that I think you are beautiful and wonderful and I love you.