From Adults

Warn hugs sent your way

From Caitlin Keaney, Ottawa ON

Dear Lulu,

I read about your family’s story on CBC. I know if must be difficult and confusing at this time and frustrating not being able to go outside with other children. I am sorry you have to go through this. It is hard for me to understand how you feel.

Your parents are doing their best to protect you and provide you with a life of freedom. They want the best for you and most of all they want you to be able to go outside freely. Try to be patient for now. When you are sad it may be helpful to find something that allows you to express how you feel. Maybe you can draw, paint, write a story or make something.

Your parents were also working hard to help other people who have difficult lives. Remember your parents love you and there are a lot of people who are trying to help you. We want you to be happy.

Warm Hugs sent your way,



Hello Timea Daroczi and Jozsef Pusuma,

Hello I am writing to you today as I have several articles on CBC that spoke of the difficult situation that your family is currently experiencing. I would like to express my sympathy for the difficult and restraining situation that you are dealing with due to the negligence of a lawyer who sadly failed to do his job correctly. I called Minister Chris Alexander and left a message to express my concern and ask that he ensure that your family will be provided with, at the very least, a special permit to remain in Canada so that you may attend the hearing.

It is harrowing that after the human rights work that you have done in Hungary that you still having your freedom restricted as refugees.

I became interested in your case as I am a Master’s student at Carleton University studying European, Russian and Eurasian Studies and am working on a thesis that discusses Roma human rights issues in France. Specifically I am examining the 2013 evictions of over 20,000 Roma individuals from their homes in France. I am discussing the local officials failure to follow EU human rights directives and French law. If you are interested in learning more about the specific details, I can share them with you. However I understand that you have greater and more personal concerns at the moment.

I wish your family the best and let me know if there is more I can do for you.

Think of you,

Caitlin Keaney

Cynthia Phillips, Brampton ON

Dear Lulu, Jozef, & Timea,

I am thinking of you, because I cannot imagine how anyone could endure what you are going through.  You deserve to have every freedom that all Canadians enjoy… from big things, such as the peace of knowing that your lives are protected by law, to the little things, such as the freedom to step outside on a warm summer night.

Right now, I am poised between horror and faith.  I am horrified that the people who lead my country would allow this to happen to an innocent family.  I have faith, however, that these same people will come to their senses, realize the gravity of their wrongdoing, and respond by bringing justice to your case.

As you wait, I know this is but a small comfort, but please know that we have not forgotten about you.


Cynthia Phillips

Brampton, Ontario

They aren’t a news story to me, they are now my friends

Tim Goodall, Toronto ON

Dear Mr. Alexander;


Sunday May 25, 2014 I met Jozsef Pusuma his wife Timea Daroczi and their lovely daughter Lulu.  Sunday was my 12 year old son’s confirmation to our church community.  May 23, 2014 my son took time off school to rally outside of your Constituency Office asking that Lulu be free.  He has created a power point presentation, which he has taken to various organizations to highlight the situation that the Pusuma’s are in.  In gratitude for my son’s caring efforts, Jozsef cooked traditional Hungarian food and gave it to my family as gift to be shared with all who came to the confirmation. Jozsef, a kind, thoughtful, caring man shared with me his desire to live in Canada.  He talked about his hope of one day opening a Hungarian restaurant, were he will serve great food and offer live music.

You should try this man’s cooking it is fantastic.

BACKGROUND:  Jozsef and Timea are high profile human rights activists from Hungary.  Both are Roma.  Mr. Pusuma is half Jewish.  Mr. Pusuma worked as a hate crimes investigator for Ms. Viktoria Mohacsi, an influential leader in the struggle for Roma rights and a former Member of European Parliament.

After years of enduring threats and harassment, Mr. Pusuma, Ms. Daroczi and their very young daughter Lulu were attacked by four thugs with clubs, members of the Hungarian Guard in July 2009. This incident was the culminating event that led the family to flee from Hungary to Canada to seek protection as refugees.

Jozsef and Timea are human rights defenders; that is a fundamental reason why they are in danger in Hungary. They have solid evidence to prove this fact, and they gave it to their lawyer long before their refugee hearing. However, the lawyer never submitted that evidence to the Immigration and Refugee Board, and didn`t prepare them properly for their hearing. On the day of their refugee hearing, their lawyer did not show up and an interpreter and immigration consultant on the lawyer’s staff came instead.

Because of the lawyer’s failure to submit their evidence to the Immigration and Refugee Board, it was never considered, and as a result, their refugee claim was refused.

February, 2014 a committee of the Law Society`s governing body determined that “the investigation of the matter disclosed evidence of professional misconduct” by their first lawyer and the Committee authorized discipline proceedings against him.

I say free Lulu, because the Pusuma’s lovely little girl Lulu has been living in sanctuary for over two years in cramped conditions in a West End Toronto church.  She cannot go to school; the Pusuma’s cannot go outside for fear of deportation.  I am writing this letter in support of the Pusuma family.  I know that your office is quite aware of this case.  There is a petition with over 42,000 signatures.  There was the, afore mentioned, rally at your C.O.  “Once you witness an injustice you are no longer an observer, you are a participant” – June Callwood.  I feel it is now incumbent upon me to formally add my voice to the many and urge you to please issue the Pusuma family a Temporary Resident Permit while they continue to fight for residency in Canada.

In summary:  Sunday May 25th, I watched the Pusuma family interacting with my family and friends and members of the community. They became our friends.  They aren’t a news story to me, they are now my friends.  I watched as we shared Jozsef’s kind gift of Hungarian cuisine.  People were raving about how amazing everything tasted.  They thanked Jozsef for the wonderful food.  I watched everyone share and discuss the news of the day, share jokes, laugh, shake hands, pats on backs, fond embraces, together we cleaned up and did the dishes as family and friends do.  We all pitched in.  I watched Lulu playing with other children and at the end of the luncheon; we all wished each other well.  Mr. Alexander, the Pusuma’s are already a Canadian family, we just need to make it official.  Get them out of sanctuary and let them start contributing to our great country.

As we all left Sunday, to enjoy the beautiful, much anticipated spring weather we all had a collective lump in our throats.  We get to leave.  Not the Pusuma’s.  For a brief, shining moment they were engulfed in the warmth of family and friendship.  Then we all left them – alone in their tiny one room “home”.

It is my sincere hope that the day comes soon, when you will be able to sit in Jozsef’s Hungarian restaurant, try his Broccoli soup with homemade pasta dumplings and enjoy the best Paprikash I have ever tasted.  I hope that you will see the broad smile on the faces of the Pusuma family, a Canadian family and say to yourself, “I helped make this happen.”


Tim Goodall

Toronto Canada

Hope from a former Sri Lankan refugee

Sivam Sivanesan, Toronto ON


Jozsef, Timea and Lulu

Hi There

I read your story in Toronto Star and It  broke my heart. In my experience I am telling you, you will get free life like me and others in Canada. you are now struggling because your lawyer who does not have feeling for others.

I came Canada as a refugee from Srilanka. Canada welcomed and hugged me with its warmed hands. I am now enjoying free life. Be sure Canada will not give you hardship. very soon you are going to enjoy  your life in Canada.

I just called Minister of Citizenship and Immigration on 613 995 8042. No one picked up -may be holiday- I any way left voice message in voice mail supporting to you.

I am going to ask my kids  who are in grade 6 and 5 to support you.  I hope they will take your problem to their school. I am sure that you will get more support from there too.

Feeling for you

Sivam and Family

Inspired by your resilience, strength and faith

Emily Ritz, Kitchener ON

Dear Jozsef, Timea, and Lulu,

Though I have never met you, I am inspired by your resilience, strength, and faith.  Friends of mine speak of your kindness and generosity – I hope that one day I myself will be able to meet you in freedom!

As I look outside, I see the sun getting stronger and feel the air getting warmer.  I hope that these signs of the changing seasons might also be signs that change is coming for your family.  I am sorry that our country – a country that you thought to be welcoming and compassionate in cases of injustice – has let you down.  Despite this, I hope that you feel surrounded by warmth and love from the community around you.

With love, and continued prayers,

Emily Ritz

Thoughts and Prayers for Lulu from Members of The Salvation Army 614, Regent Park, Toronto, ON


Dear Lulu my thoughts and prayers go out to your family that you can stay in canada and make a ton of friends


God Love you. Don’t Give up. With Love.


Dear Lulu, How is like in the chuch? I hope you and your family can have a really great life.


Dear Lulu and Family, Happy Birthday!!! I love you and hope you continue to be brave. I saw a picture of you in my church. May God guide and protect you. Love, Mary





Universities are talkin’ about you

Alani-Gabriel (Alan) Gascon, student in Biotechnologies, at Cégep de Sherbrooke, Sherbrooke,  Québec

Dear Lulu,

A lot of people are talking about you. Tell your parents to keep up the good work. Here, attached to this e-mail, is a paper for them. University students are talking about how our government is wrong ; I hope this can help.

Read the paper here:



Dance in the rain, go to school, swim in the lake and ride a horse

Lizzie Neale, England

Hello Lulu,

It is strange to think over the three years I have known you, my movements have been so free! I have been able to travel to different countries and feel the seasons change on my skin. In that time you have been so still and confined. But have grown so tall and become so wise for such a young lady.

No one or creature should be confined to one place. Where they can’t run with the wind, play in mud and with other people! Despite all this you and your family are courageous, beautiful people who have taught me so many important things about life! But enough is enough! Its time for you to play with friends your own age. Dance in the rain , go to school , swim in a lake and ride that horse you have always wanted !

It is not right what has happened to you.

I will forever be grateful to have met you and your family you have a special place in my heart.

All my love

Lizzie xxxxxxxx