Articles / Media

Articles and other media relating to the family’s struggle for justice. 

“Canadian mean-mindedness is back,” Globe and Mail, October 2, 2014, Click here.

“The family that won’t leave,” Toronto Life, October 2014, Click here.

“Pusuma family facing deportation to Hungary,” CBC the Current, June 4, 2014, Click here.

“A Jason Kenney safe country,”, June 2, 2014, Click here.

“No refuge for Roma,” NOW Toronto, May 29, 2014, Click here.

“Canada refugee applicants fight deportation,” Aljazeera News, May 24, 2014, Click here.

“Rally held to free Roma girl and family who have taken sanctuary in church,” Toronto Star, May 23, 2014, Click here.

“No welcome to be found for six-year-old girl in Canada,” Embassy, May 22, 2014, Click here.

“The Inside Story: Roma family ordered deported hiding in Toronto church,” City TV, May 22, 2014, Click here.

A 6 year old hiding in a church, in Canada“, Avrum Rosensweig, May 14, 2014.

“NDP MP Peggy Nash asks the Minister of Immigration about the Pusuma family,” YouTube, April 30, 2014, Click here.

“Canada should do the right thing for the Pusuma family,” Toronto Star, April 21, 2014, Click here.

“Hungarian Roma refugee family still living in a Toronto Church,” Toronto Observer, April 21, 2014, Click here.

“International Roma Day”, CBC Metro Morning, April 8, 2014. Click here.

“Roma family living in Toronto church exhausted from living in exile”, CBC, April 8, 2014. Click here.

“When a Holocaust Survivor Meets a Six Year Old Roma Child”, Huffington Post, April 4, 2014. Click here.

“Toronto lawyer faces 18 complaints from refugees”, Toronto Star, March 18, 2014. Click here.

“Refugee claimants accuse lawyer of misconduct”, CBC, March 17, 2014. Click here.

“The Roma Family Taking Refuge in a Toronto Church”, Huffington Post, March 11, 2014. Click here.

“Repaying the Righteous Gentile”, The Canadian Jewish News from March 7, 2014. Click here.

“Report: Growing Patterns of Violence Against Roma in Hungary Sound Alarms”, Harvard University, February 2014. Click here.

“A Roma family’s uncertain flight to safety”, Embassy, April 2013. Click here.

“A child’s birthday in sanctuary,” Toronto Star, April 14, 2013. Click here.

“Failed refugee claimants find sanctuary in Toronto churches”, Toronto Star, October 14, 2012. Click here.

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