I am full of admiration

Nancy Anaya, Toronto ON

Dearest Lulu, Jozsef and Timea,

I just learnt about your story today and it brought tears to my eyes. I am so sorry you are experiencing such difficult circumstances. I am full of admiration for your great faith and for all the work you have done to help the Roma in Hungary. I feel angry and sad for the people who attacked you and for the negligent lawyer that misrepresented you.

I am catholic and I believe that God allows bad things to happen to good people to use them as an example of courage, determination and faith. I can assure you that your story is moving many hearts, is opening our eyes to the terrible discrimination the Roma people continue to face, and I can assure that in the middle of your suffering you will have moments of great joy, because you are experiencing the love of many people that is doing everything they can to help you.
I pray that God continues giving you strength and hope. I will hold you in my prayers, specially little Lulu, who God has blessed with the opportunity to have you and felt profoundly loved.
Heartfelt blessings,
Nancy Anaya