Free Lulu

Thank you for your support in this family’s fight for fairness. As you probably know, their former lawyer was investigated by the Law Society of Upper Canada for professional misconduct in connection with the refugee cases of this family and a number of others. On March 2, 2015, after a 3 year investigation by the Law Society and 2 days of testimony by Timea and Jozsef, the lawyer Viktor Hohots finally admitted the allegations against him are true and he was found guilty of professional misconduct.

This is a tremendous victory for the Pusuma-Darozci family and for the many other refugee families whose pursuit of  safety in Canada was  stymied by poor legal representation. Jozsef and Timea continued their legacy as human rights advocates, giving up their freedom for three years in order to pursue justice and testify about their lawyer’s actions before the Law Society of Upper Canada.

The fight for justice is far from over. After testifying against their former lawyer, the family returned to Europe where they are living in hiding. They  continue to pursue legal options to return to Canada. Our commitment remains to advocate for a fair refugee determination process and a system that holds lawyers accountable for actions that compromise the rights and safety of refugee claimants.

Listen to this CBC Metro Morning podcast with Reverend Alexa Gilmour and Refugee Lawyer Andrew Brouwer for more information:

Please scroll down to read letters that people have written to and for Lulu, and look around this website to learn more about her family’s story.

Please call the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration’s office today to express your concern @ 613-995-8042. Click HERE to make sure you are well informed for your phone conversation.

The Free Lulu website was inspired by children in Toronto who, hearing about Lulu at their Temple, decided to write letters to her. You can see their letters here.